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Updated Make Up Collection Part 2


Hi Again!

Without further ado, lets get on to more pictures. Here’s part two of my make up collection.



Same drawers as in the last post BUT i spray painted the knobs too to match my pen holders. The two good looking white baskets on top is where i have all of my nail polishes ranging from OPI to Revlon to Etude to Faceshop and not forgetting Manicare.


First two drawers on the left is where i have all of my back ups and on the right side i have all my gel liners, cream shadows, and all bare minerals products.


Second drawer, i have all my face stuff. Concealers and powders  mostly.


Nexr drawer, i have MAC blushes, MAC hey sailor blushes that i will never throw away the boxes cause i love them so much, Anna Sui’s blushes, NYX, Too faced and all my lip and cheek stains from Benefit, theBalm and Etude.


Next, here i have NYX and Etudes  single shadows, Naked palette 1 & 2, palettes from theBalm and Estee Lauder’s palettes.


Next drawer contains all of my mani pedi supply.


On the second set of drawer on the right, first drawer ive all my mascaras, eyelash curlers, liquid and powdered liners and some lip liners.


This is one of my fav drawer! Ive all my high end blushes here. Benefit Box o Powders, MAC’s, Chanel’s and etc.


This is my second fav, Ive all my MAC eyeshadows here, old and new unopened ones. And a few Urban Decay single shadows.


Next drawer is where i put my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette, the 3 Sigma bare dare and flare palettes and some other random stuff.


On the left are all sample sized products and free stuff that ive yet to use. and on the right are all fake lashes!

So that is all for my updated make up collection. Hope you find it interesting to look/read. I hope you can find some useful ideas from the pictures.


Until then, see you next time ladies! Mwah!


xx, missilovemakeup


My Make Up Collection & Storage! – PART 2



This is the continuation for my make up collection post. I had to split it into two or else it would be a very loooooooong post. Now, let us move on.

Next to my vainity table (as you can see in my first picture in part 1), I have two shelves thats drilled to the wall. The one right next to the vainity is where I put all of my lip products and also my eye shadow palettes.

I store my lipsticks in these acrylic lipstick holders that I got for an affordable price. They had different sizes and different number of lipstick slots. In the pictures below, I will be showing you how they vary from each other.

This holds 24 lipsticks and it comes with a clear container that you can stack on eachother. I put all my lipbalms, lipglosses that are too short to be seen in my lipgloss holder, Anna Sui’s ring rouge in the container.

This is actually a candle holder. So when I was done with the candle, I cleaned the glass and used it to store all of my MAC’s lipglasses and plushglasses. They fit perfectly and it’s really nice that you can see through it to see the colors.

I dont know how to describe this buti it’s sorta like a moon shape. This holds 15 lipsticks.

As you can see, behind there’s a few slots where you can put extra lipsticks or skinny lipsticks that dont fit in the slot. Ive got my Anna Sui’s lip palette, my Holika Holika rose mirror, chapsticks and sample sized lipsticks.

Now this little thing holds 12 lipsticks. Ive got two of these just cause I wasnt sure if i needed anymore at that time, but in the end, i did need another one.

This is where I store my lipglosses. This container is actually a tv remote control holder/pen holder. I also stick the pink w brown polka ribbon around the container just so it does not look dull.

These are the palettes I have. I just place them upright next to the wall and the lipgloss container.

My vainity table has a slide mirror, and behind there are shelves where I can store my body mists, moisturizers and lotions and things like that so I really think thats cool.

In the cabinet, I just put all my make up bags and brush rolls inside. And at the top shelf, I have one of those acrylic containers but in a bigger size so that I can put all my tissue roll, nail polish remover, cuticle removers, extra brush cleanser and everything.

White container has my sample size of everything from different companies. The Coca Cola glass was a freebie from Mcds and I put my hair brushes inside. Now that thing on the right is a brochure holder that I got from a stationery store. It holds my face masks, and hair stuff perfectly.

So, that is it ladies! I hope this was helpful. I’m sorry I cant describe this better just cause, I feel, that most of these things shown are all straight forward. But if you have questions, feel free to comment down below. Thank you for reading! Talk to you all again soon!



My Make Up Collection & Storage! – PART 1


Hello dear readers!

Finallyyy!! I’ll be doing my make up collection post plus I’ll be giving you some make up storage tips. So lets just get on with it.

Just a disclaimer, I am not trying to brag about how much make up I have, I don’t think I have that many compared to the youtube gurus and bloggers I’ve seen, I’m simply doing this post just cause I love sharing new ideas on how I store my make up. And I know some readers that have reached out to me asked for a post like this, so to you girlies, who’ve asked, this is especially for you 🙂

The overview of my make up station

I store my brushes in clear glass vases. The beads inside the vases at the back are flower beads.

In this plastic container (where I used to store my earrings) I could fit my foundations, BB creams, face primers, brush cleansers and towel in. I just wrapped a pink ribbon with brown polka dots around the clear container to make it more interesting. (My cousin got me a pair of PJs when she got back from UK and it came with the ribbon so I kept it and reused it)

Top view

I will start with my pink counter. Here is where I mainly keep my make up. I bought this pink rack and the white clear plastic drawers separately. I was lucky that the drawers fit perfectly in the rack. Of course I need a lot of anti slip mats to be placed under the drawers so that it does not move when I pull the drawers out.

First rack on the right, it has two small drawers at the top and one long drawer at the bottom.

First drawer on the left is where I store all my face stuff; face powders, liquid highlighters, setting powder, powder foundation, bronzer and two kabuki brushes

In the second drawer on the right is where I place all my concealers and color correctors

In the drawer below, I have 4 little containers as you can see in the picture above. Now I got these little containers from Economy Mart; 3 for $1? I have my lipliners, eyelash curlers, mascaras and…

On the other two, I place my sharpeners, eye primers, paintpots, gel liners and liquid liners.

In the second rack I have..

In the top drawer, I have all my blushes. I also have two long containers where I store a my MAC, Nyx, Anna Sui and Benefit’s Box O’ Powders. Now that little container on the right I also got that from the Economy Mart, same price as Ive mentioned above. There I store all my random blushes. And in the little space I have Ive stored some of my high end blushes. Ive placed an anti slip mat underneath just so my things wont move around.

Here I have all my small palettes and in the small container on the right, I have all my fake lashes with lash adhesive.

The last rack on my right..

Now this, I wont show you each and every drawer just cause its not that interesting. But i’ll tell you what I have in each and every one of them.

1st drawer: All my cotton pads & hair bands to put my hair back doing my make up.

2nd drawer: Long container where I store all my eyeshadow singles and duos.

3rd drawer: All my plastic jars and sprays incase I need them for whatever reason.

4th drawer: All my Vaporubs and other medical creams.

Next rack on my left,

This rack is where I place all my earring. I have a post on how I store my earrings recently so check that out!

In the second rack I have all my perfumes..

And the last rack below, I store all my nail stuff.

An overview of all the nailpolishes that I have.

So that is all for my part 1 and stay tuned if you wanna see part 2!!



What I Used My Clear Cases For


Hello girlies!


Such a lovely today. Its the first day of Ramadhan in Brunei. In normal days, I’d go find myself something to eat but since I’m fasting, I decided to do a post on what I store in my clear cases.

If you’ve read my recent haul post, I did get myself clear cases, and initially I didn’t know what to use them for. So i looked around my room and saw all my earrings were you know.. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy with how I stored it before. And I took a pair of scissors, my anti-slip mat that I just got in my recent haul as well and the clear cases. (My dearest boyfriend did get back to Huaho Yayasan and got me some more of the cases just cause I couldn’t store all my earrings last time. Thank you boyfriend :))


Now on for the pictures..

I love how I can see all my earrings in this case. It’s nice that it’s clear and also, it looks very clean (that sounds weird). And see how you can stack them up on each other,you can totally be organized as well as saving space!

So this is a top view on how I store my actual earrings. I just place them randomly as long as they’re all laid out so it’s easier for me to see.

I also cut the anti slip mats to the correct size of the tray and use it just so that my earrings would stay in place!


Now that is all. I hope this was helpful to you guys. Until then, i will talk to you all soon! Thank you for reading!





My Small Random Haul


Hello my readers!

Today i went shopping with my parents and the boyfriend. As my mom was doing her groceries shopping, i went to this section of the store where they have a lot of organizing stuff. Theyve got plastic to acrylic drawers, a whole range of colors and sizes. What caught my eyes were these cool clear cases that they have. And theyve got different sizes and different depths as well.


Here are the clear cases; different sizes and depths. Im not sure what i like to store in them yet. We’ll see.

And… I also went to The Faceshop. At first, i was determined not to buy any make up items, i was just gonna go in the store, get myself some cotton pads and go home, but as i was walking out, i saw they had new arrivals in the nail section. I was really drawn to the pretty bottles and as i look closely, Faceshop now has the “Crack Collection” which is quite similar to OPI’s shatters. For now, Faceshop has only 3 colors; black, grey and brown. I bought the other two colors except black just cause i do have it in OPI. This retails for BND 12.90 each, which is waaaay cheaper than OPI. I had a 30% off coupon and altogether my purchase was only BND24 along with the cotton pads. Not bad. Im really excited to use these. They do look nice. I hope its better than OPI’s shatters, i do have issues with those polishes.



So that is all for my small random haul. I didnt get that much stuff. But i will show you how i use the clear cases, incase you all are interested.

Until then, i will talk to you all again soon.


How I Store My Cuticle Remover


Hi all!

I used to do my nails professionally probably.. Sayyy twice a week? And I spend roughly about $40 for my manicure and pedicure per session. Now that’s a lot of money right?

Then I thought to myself, why don’t I learn how to do my nails, that way, I can save up my money to spend on better things (like make up). So I went to a local Filipino store that sells all this cheap manicure stuff. And I got all of my mani pedi tools there for less than $40. Now that is an investment!

Two of the things that I got were the cuticle removers. I bought both in white and pink. Don’t ask why. I just like things to come in pairs. Anyway, they come in this medium sized bottle for a cheap price, now that is not the problem, but the problem is that they come in bottles like this. (See thumbnail below)


These bottles have no spray tool or anything like that so it makes it hard to apply to the nails. I used to store them in an empty nail polish bottle, which is a pain to refill. And it just wasn’t easy. I remember that I needed to keep on applying the remover with the brush over and over again. It applies a little with the brush. So it dries up fast.

One day, I was out of my cuticle remover so I borrowed my mom’s. And I saw her storing her’s in this cute little spray bottle and I thought, wow, that is super neat. I gotta go buy myself one of those! And I did. And obviously, I didn’t just buy one. I got 4 of them, just in case they don’t sell these again. You never know.

Now this is how they look like in the cute little bottles. Oh! And did I say that they were cheap too? They cost about 80c or something. I can’t remember.



Cute aren’t they? And now I can apply my cuticle remover easily with just a spray!

I also got different sizes of plastic jars, stackable ones too. Just in case, if I ever need them, I won’t need to search high and low for them.


That is all. I hope you all enjoy and I hope this was helpful to you guys 🙂