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ENYA BIJOUX – It’s an addiction!


Hi Yall!

It looks like I am only able to do a weekly post by looking at my tight schedule. So sorry about this. Tonight, I will not be doing a post about make up but more to fashion I guess? Jeweleries to be exact! Beautiful rings and necklaces and earrings, you’ll read about all this here!

I was not a big fan of huge rings and necklaces but I was a big fan of earrings. I have found this awesome girl in Instagram, ENYA BIJOUX , and she makes wonderful and gorgeous jeweleries, bracelets, rings, necklaces, be it strings, beads or chains, you name it, she makes it! And the most popular items that she has that would literally be sold out in seconds are her Milky Ways! Down below, you can see some of her Milky Way rings that I was able to grab for myself and honestly, I AM ADDICTED! They’re beautiful and just so OHHHHHHHH! I cannot describe this rush that these beauties give me.

But first, lets do a lil short intro about Enya Bijoux, she describes herself as a modern minimalist jewellery designer, and her name is actually Yusrina Abdullah, a local entrepreneur. I have come across a lot of locals selling jeweleries but personally, her designs are just amazing and the quality is the best! She did mention somewhere, I have no idea where I read this but she did say that she will not sell jeweleries that she herself would not wear or buy. She puts effort on each and every single items that she makes and I really appreciate that, as a customer.

The rings, they range from $30 above depending on the size and weight of the stones. And what’s nicer, is that you can choose if you want to have a silver ring base or a 24kt gold plated ring base. So, go and help yourself to have a look see of my Milky Way rings so far..




What’s more awesome is that she has Milky Way earrings as well! She has different shapes and sizes but these are all I had managed to get. So so proud of myself.



And this would be my one and only Milky Way necklace that I was able to grab during The Entrepreneur Carnival last month. I am planning to get more of these and I do hope I’ve the chance to do so. For these as well, Enya Bijoux sells different colors and shapes, and price would also depend on the size and weight of the stones.


Here you can see what the two ring bases look like.


And this I need to mention, her earrings are all on sterling silver posts with butterfly backs.


Please search ‘Enya Bijoux’ on Instagram now and you will find yourself drooling over her stuff. Just like myself, I keep on refreshing my Instagram every single day just incase she uploads something new.

Oh and by the way, I am writing this post with my own will, and I bought all of these with my own money. I am not sponsored or asked to do a post about Enya Bijoux. All of this are my own opinion and thoughts.

Happy shopping girls! 🙂




Coastal Scents Liquid Liners in JET, PLUM & SHAMROCK


Hi loves!

How was your day? Mine was.. Hmm so-so. I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday; flu and cough, so not a good combo! Anyhoos, while I’m baby sitting my baby nephew now, I want to write a short post on the Coastal Scents liquid liners!

Coastal scents claims..

“Provide a bold stream of color to your eyes instantly with our Liquid Eyeliners. Available in five highly pigmented colors, these stay-put liners glide on with ease and will not smudge, smear, or fade away. Each liner is equipped with a pointed felt tip brush for precise lining whether you’re a professional or beginner.”

I agree with Coastal Scents! One problem that I have with the liners is that after applying them, they take a few minutes to dry. People that have mono lids like I will have to take another step which is fanning your eyes with your hand or whatever that’ easier for you. Haha and I’m being serious here girls!

Now on to the pictures and swatches..




Shamrock: A green liner that has a golden sheen to it

Jet: A black liner

Plum: A purple with a silver sheen to it

The other two colors that I didn’t get were Cobalt and Stone. Cobalt is more of a metallic navy blue and Stone is more of  a metallic dark grey color. Both beautiful but I personally don’t see myself using these two often that’s why I skipped them.

This is how the pointed felt tip brush looks like

And at the back of each bottle, the name of the product is labelled

Hope this was helpful to you all. I will talk to you soon!