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Updated Make Up Collection Part 2


Hi Again!

Without further ado, lets get on to more pictures. Here’s part two of my make up collection.



Same drawers as in the last post BUT i spray painted the knobs too to match my pen holders. The two good looking white baskets on top is where i have all of my nail polishes ranging from OPI to Revlon to Etude to Faceshop and not forgetting Manicare.


First two drawers on the left is where i have all of my back ups and on the right side i have all my gel liners, cream shadows, and all bare minerals products.


Second drawer, i have all my face stuff. Concealers and powders  mostly.


Nexr drawer, i have MAC blushes, MAC hey sailor blushes that i will never throw away the boxes cause i love them so much, Anna Sui’s blushes, NYX, Too faced and all my lip and cheek stains from Benefit, theBalm and Etude.


Next, here i have NYX and Etudes  single shadows, Naked palette 1 & 2, palettes from theBalm and Estee Lauder’s palettes.


Next drawer contains all of my mani pedi supply.


On the second set of drawer on the right, first drawer ive all my mascaras, eyelash curlers, liquid and powdered liners and some lip liners.


This is one of my fav drawer! Ive all my high end blushes here. Benefit Box o Powders, MAC’s, Chanel’s and etc.


This is my second fav, Ive all my MAC eyeshadows here, old and new unopened ones. And a few Urban Decay single shadows.


Next drawer is where i put my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette, the 3 Sigma bare dare and flare palettes and some other random stuff.


On the left are all sample sized products and free stuff that ive yet to use. and on the right are all fake lashes!

So that is all for my updated make up collection. Hope you find it interesting to look/read. I hope you can find some useful ideas from the pictures.


Until then, see you next time ladies! Mwah!


xx, missilovemakeup


Updated Make Up Collection Part 1


Hi All!


It feels so good to be back. It’s the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and im all alone. My family decided to head to bed early and my boyfriend’s at his uncle’s, so instead of lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling, might as well do a blog post.

So tonight, i feel like doing an updated make up collection. Id add some storage tips if i can remember to talk about them. Please remember that i am not bragging in anyway, i enjoy collecting make up. Most of them are from my own money, and if not, they’re all gifts from family and friends.
Lets get on to pictures!


This is how my make up set up look like, same ol’ same ol’.


This is the pink cupboard that i showed in my past post. I may have changed some stuff abit.


On the top of the cupboard, i got a vintage tray thing that i place all my perfumes.


Under the perfumes, ive got 2 separate clear containers where i put all my lotions, body butters, Vaseline, body mist and make up cleansers.


On the next cupboard, on top, that’s where i place all my clean brushes, two antique containers to put my most used earrings and watch.


Under the brushes, theres two more clear containers where i have all my big coastal scents, NYX and manly palette inside. The other container contains all my bb creams, foundations and primers.


Here’s an overview of whats on my make up vanity.


These are two pen holders that i spray painted pink and glued huge flowers on to make them look nicer. Inside one of them, i have all my eyeliners from various brands and milk jumbo pencils. In the other, i have all mu Urban Decay primer potions in different shades and Too Faced Glitter Glue.


Here i have my most used brushes.Most of them are from Sigma and MAC


Next, here is where i have all my new palettes that i need to try/use. I just place them in letter holders. They fit there perfectly. Oh and at the back is my trusty ol mirror that i adore.


Here’s the palettes that I need to try out. Just incase you cant see them in the previous photo.


On the top shelf is where i have perfume sets that i got as gifts, boxes of hairbands and things like that. The shelf at the bottom is where I have all my lip stuff. All from lipsticks to lip balms to lip glosses!


In this acrylic lipstick holder, i have all my NYX round lipsticks, a mirror from Holika Holika and burts bees lipbalms in a tin can.


Next, in this picture, ive got two sizes of acrylic lipstick holders, the tall one at the back holds all my MAC lipsticks and the three smaller ones in front are all my other lipsticks from various brands.


And here is where i have all my lip glosses. The two smaller glasses are actually candle holders that im already done with so that’s a nice tip if you want something fancy yet budget-able.

So that’s all for part 1, I’ll be back with part 2.




TheBalm Cosmetics Part 1


Hi all!

I know I havent blogged for months now and I apologise for that. I’ve been really busy and everything’s just hectic and finally now I’ve the chance to blog again! So without further adieu, lets get on to my review and swatches.

What I will be showing you girls today are the things I got last month. Oh this is just half of what I will be showing you, the other half I will probably blog about it tonight or tomorrow. I dont want this to be THAT long.

So I got meself some TheBalm goodies. I really love their products! And yes I say this to all the products I talk about but seriously, people should be raving about The Balm too you know.

Sasa Cosmetics are available in Miri Malaysia right now for those of you who dont know. And The Balm is sold in Sasa Cosmetics. The price is an okay okay for me but I was lucky enough that when I was there all the products were 15% off. Great deal!

L to R: Cabana Boy, Frat Boy, Down Boy

L to R: Cabana Boy, Frat Boy, Down Boy

And the swatches:

L to R: Cabana Boy, Frat Boy, Down Boy

Cabana Boy: A mauvy pink blush with a satin finish similar to NYX’s Spice

Frat Boy: A peachy pink blush with a satin finish

Down Boy: Baby pink blush with a satin finish similar to Well Dressed by MAC. This is my fav out of all!

The price for each is RM65

I’m not a big fan of highlighters. I dont find myself using a lot of times but this highlighter is amazing!

I present to you Mary Lou Manizer


This is how the compact looks like. This is a huge amount of highlighter girls. It contains 8.5g of shimmering goodness. The best part is you can use it for eyes as well as face.

You’ve got a nice big mirror over there. Very practical.

And the swatch:

A beautiful golden sheen and not to mention VERY VERY pigmented. You dont need a lot of this stuff to look glowing.

Price for Mary Lou Manizer is RM72

I actually I wanted the bronzer but I saw this set and Im like “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” So this explains why Im talking about this now. This has a pretty cute bag as well.


Contains Hot Mama, Stainiac & Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama & Hot Mama

Top: Hot Mama
Bottom: Bahama Mama

Hot Mama: A peachy pink blush with slight shimmer similar to Nars Orgasm

Bahama Mama: A matte bronzer similar to Benefit’s Hoola but darker (I love!)

And as for Staniac, I will not be showing you a swatch because I havent opened it yet. Not using it anytime soon cause cheek and lip stains tend to “expire” faster so Im saving it for next time.

The price for this whole set is RM144

Overall, The Balm’s products that I got are excellent! I love their pin up theme, love how nice the packaging is, they’re portable, nice size and arent bulky, they’ve got huge mirrors that comes with each blush, the price is fairly cheap for something SO amazing. Nothing bad I can say about TheBalm. I love their products! And you should check them out when you get the chance! So talk to you pretties later!


Swatches For NYX’s Haute Jersey Leopard Couture


Good morning ladies!

I wasn’t supposed to wake up this early in the morning but under a few annoying reasons, I did! Anyways, I decided to do swatches for the NYX’s Haute Jersey Leopard Couture for you girls. I went online the other day and not many did blog swatches for this product, just a few videos from Youtube so I thought I would go ahead and do one for you all.


On the first “page”, you have 24 eye shadows.

First Row:

Second Row:

Third Row:

Fourth Row:

Fifth Row:

Last Row:

Now swatches for the other “page”


BRONZERSThe furthest left being the top in the bronzer section

p/s: I love the last shade, the best of all three colors. I contour with this color.

L to R: pink blush, coral blush and the highlighter

And last but not least, the swatch for the mini lip glosses..

Pink lip gloss and a Coral lip gloss

The lip glosses are the bomb too! I wish they came in bigger tubes. These lip glosses have the same quality as the full sized ones. And you know I love them NYX lip glosses! 😉

So that is all, I hope this was helpful for you guys. Sorry if the swatches were a bit blurry, I used my phone to take the shots cause my camera was dead. So yeah, talk to you all again later.



Collective Haul! Again!


Hi lovelies!

It has been a while since Ive blogged. Sorry about that! I was busy with Hari Raya this past few weeks. Planned to write something here earlier today but uploading the pictures to the gallery was a pain! So.. This explains why I’m writing to you at this hour (it’s almost midnight fyi).

Lets just get on with it. I got a couple of things from NYX & Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals. I’m addicted to Bare Minerals lately. Initially, I was interested in their Buxom lipglosses set but they’re really pricey, instead I got their products in sets (which are waaaay more expensive! haha)

Sorry! My lighting is really bad. Everything looks grey here. Haha!

I got 3 NYX round lipsticks! Love these lipsticks. They’re opaque, creamy and glide on so smoothly on the lips.



As you all already know that NYX’s lipsticks are AWESOME!I’m very happy with the colors I got.
Next thing that I got was the Bare Minerals Face Fashion.

This set contains 5 awesome products as you can see!

On the flap here they show how you how to create this look shown above with this set



And lastly, this mini sized Buxom lipgloss in “BUNNY” is included in the set.

Next thing I got was the Bare Minerals’ All Over Face Color set. Yes, it comes with the bag too 🙂

This includes “Clear Radiance”, “True”, “Glee”, “Warmth” & a tapered blush brush. Pretty cool huh?

Next is..


This set has a pretty turquoise clutch, a lip gloss, a blush, two eye shadows & a shadow liner

lip gloss in “SUGAR COOKIE”

L to R: “Morning” (blush), “Exquisite” (eye shadow), ” Cleopatra” (eye shadow) & “Dare” (liner shadow)

And the last but not least is..


24 colors of eye shadows! and a mirror on the next “page”

Andddd! When you flip it to the next “page”, there are..

You will get two lip glosses, three bronzers, two blushes and one highlighter. Oh! And dont forget there is another mirror on the left “page” as well! Awesome kit! I love this!!

Now, that is all for my haul. Some things I’ve tried and some things I haven’t so thats why I cant review them now, but I will slowly do a review on each product and tell you guys how I like it. So far, the ones I’ve tried like the bronzer in the NYX’s Haute Jersey kit, i love! Will update you guys shortly.

Until then, talk to you all soon!



My Make Up Collection & Storage! – PART 2



This is the continuation for my make up collection post. I had to split it into two or else it would be a very loooooooong post. Now, let us move on.

Next to my vainity table (as you can see in my first picture in part 1), I have two shelves thats drilled to the wall. The one right next to the vainity is where I put all of my lip products and also my eye shadow palettes.

I store my lipsticks in these acrylic lipstick holders that I got for an affordable price. They had different sizes and different number of lipstick slots. In the pictures below, I will be showing you how they vary from each other.

This holds 24 lipsticks and it comes with a clear container that you can stack on eachother. I put all my lipbalms, lipglosses that are too short to be seen in my lipgloss holder, Anna Sui’s ring rouge in the container.

This is actually a candle holder. So when I was done with the candle, I cleaned the glass and used it to store all of my MAC’s lipglasses and plushglasses. They fit perfectly and it’s really nice that you can see through it to see the colors.

I dont know how to describe this buti it’s sorta like a moon shape. This holds 15 lipsticks.

As you can see, behind there’s a few slots where you can put extra lipsticks or skinny lipsticks that dont fit in the slot. Ive got my Anna Sui’s lip palette, my Holika Holika rose mirror, chapsticks and sample sized lipsticks.

Now this little thing holds 12 lipsticks. Ive got two of these just cause I wasnt sure if i needed anymore at that time, but in the end, i did need another one.

This is where I store my lipglosses. This container is actually a tv remote control holder/pen holder. I also stick the pink w brown polka ribbon around the container just so it does not look dull.

These are the palettes I have. I just place them upright next to the wall and the lipgloss container.

My vainity table has a slide mirror, and behind there are shelves where I can store my body mists, moisturizers and lotions and things like that so I really think thats cool.

In the cabinet, I just put all my make up bags and brush rolls inside. And at the top shelf, I have one of those acrylic containers but in a bigger size so that I can put all my tissue roll, nail polish remover, cuticle removers, extra brush cleanser and everything.

White container has my sample size of everything from different companies. The Coca Cola glass was a freebie from Mcds and I put my hair brushes inside. Now that thing on the right is a brochure holder that I got from a stationery store. It holds my face masks, and hair stuff perfectly.

So, that is it ladies! I hope this was helpful. I’m sorry I cant describe this better just cause, I feel, that most of these things shown are all straight forward. But if you have questions, feel free to comment down below. Thank you for reading! Talk to you all again soon!






Today i’ll be reviewing some of the NYX products that i own. They are not many. Just a few of their Mega Shine Lip Gloss, Blushes and Round Lipsticks.

Just 5 lip glosses, 4 round lipsticks & 2 blushes



From Top Left Downwards: GOLD PINK, BEIGE, DOLLY PINK

From Top Right Downwards: CRYSTAL SODA, SWEET HEART

This is how the packaging looks like. Pretty!


I love how we can see through the colors!


PACKAGING: I’ll give this a 5/5 . I love that the casing’s black! They look pretty sleek and sophisticated. Though they’re made from plastic, its sturdy enough and they don’t break easily. They don’t look cheap at all too!



DOLLY PINK: This is a bright barbie doll pink with no shimmers and i love this color! This would suit medium to dark skin tones.

CRYSTAL SODA: This is a corally peachy color that has shimmers in it and its quiet sheer when you use it by itself. Wear any coral lipstick and layer it with this. This suits fair to medium skin tones as it’ll look too pale on a darker skin tone.

BEIGE: This is a sweet rosy creamy color that would look good on any skin tone! Im serious. It gives you a natural look when worn by itself. LOVE THIS COLOR! I usually pair this with Revlon’s Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout.

GOLD PINK: This is quite similar to BEIGE but this one has shimmers in it. Looks good on all skin tones too!

SWEETHEART: This is a less shimmer version of CRYSTAL SODA and this is more pigmented than CRYSTAL SODA as well. Again, this would only suit fair to medium skin tone as the color may look pale on darker skin tones.


THALIA: This is a cremesheen finish. I would describe it as a dark pink rosy brownish color. This goes on smoothly on the lips. And the color’s buildable if you want a dark lip look. Suitable for all skin tones!

HARMONICA: This is my least favorite. Looks like a metallicy light pink that makes me look like a corpse! It looks better with any pink lipgloss on top though. Its just that the color’s a bit pale for me. This is only suitable for fair to light medium skin tones.

STRAWBERRY MILK: You wanna do a light barbie doll lip? Then this is for you! This has slight shimmers in it, not that obvious unless you look at it closely and the color’s buildable too making it and opaque pretty barbie pink color! Suitable for fair to medium skin tones.

EROS: Wanna try a bold red lip? This is a good color for that. Its just a bright red lippy, no shimmers and all that shiz and its very very creamy. Goes on smoothly too. Suitable for all skin tones. Oh you wanna use a nice lip liner so that the color wont bleed, okay?


Taupe is an ashy brown color and for me, its too brown to be worn for a blush. Id say this color would suit fair to light medium skin tones to wear as a contour color for the cheeks.

Spice is a beautiful deep rosy pink. I apply this blush with a duo fibre brush (eg. MAC’s 187) and apply it lightly on the cheeks. This color is sooooo pigmented so you dont wanna put tons of it. Suitable for all skin tones, preferably medium to dark skin tones.

Overall, i think NYX products are great and theyre fairly cheap too! They also have a wide range of colors to pick from for all skin tones! Im really into their Mega Shine Lipglosses and the Round Lippies so ill definitely be getting some more! 🙂

That is all for now. Talk to you soon!