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ENYA BIJOUX – It’s an addiction!


Hi Yall!

It looks like I am only able to do a weekly post by looking at my tight schedule. So sorry about this. Tonight, I will not be doing a post about make up but more to fashion I guess? Jeweleries to be exact! Beautiful rings and necklaces and earrings, you’ll read about all this here!

I was not a big fan of huge rings and necklaces but I was a big fan of earrings. I have found this awesome girl in Instagram, ENYA BIJOUX , and she makes wonderful and gorgeous jeweleries, bracelets, rings, necklaces, be it strings, beads or chains, you name it, she makes it! And the most popular items that she has that would literally be sold out in seconds are her Milky Ways! Down below, you can see some of her Milky Way rings that I was able to grab for myself and honestly, I AM ADDICTED! They’re beautiful and just so OHHHHHHHH! I cannot describe this rush that these beauties give me.

But first, lets do a lil short intro about Enya Bijoux, she describes herself as a modern minimalist jewellery designer, and her name is actually Yusrina Abdullah, a local entrepreneur. I have come across a lot of locals selling jeweleries but personally, her designs are just amazing and the quality is the best! She did mention somewhere, I have no idea where I read this but she did say that she will not sell jeweleries that she herself would not wear or buy. She puts effort on each and every single items that she makes and I really appreciate that, as a customer.

The rings, they range from $30 above depending on the size and weight of the stones. And what’s nicer, is that you can choose if you want to have a silver ring base or a 24kt gold plated ring base. So, go and help yourself to have a look see of my Milky Way rings so far..




What’s more awesome is that she has Milky Way earrings as well! She has different shapes and sizes but these are all I had managed to get. So so proud of myself.



And this would be my one and only Milky Way necklace that I was able to grab during The Entrepreneur Carnival last month. I am planning to get more of these and I do hope I’ve the chance to do so. For these as well, Enya Bijoux sells different colors and shapes, and price would also depend on the size and weight of the stones.


Here you can see what the two ring bases look like.


And this I need to mention, her earrings are all on sterling silver posts with butterfly backs.


Please search ‘Enya Bijoux’ on Instagram now and you will find yourself drooling over her stuff. Just like myself, I keep on refreshing my Instagram every single day just incase she uploads something new.

Oh and by the way, I am writing this post with my own will, and I bought all of these with my own money. I am not sponsored or asked to do a post about Enya Bijoux. All of this are my own opinion and thoughts.

Happy shopping girls! 🙂






Hi all!

I know I knowwww. I have been gone for so long! My night classes are driving me nuts! Sorry for not having time to update. My exams are finally over now so I’ll try my very best to update my blog daily.

So without further a do, let’s get on to it!

Today ladies, I had a hard time trying to think of the best thing to talk about, I have got some great MAC and SIGMA stuff but are limited editions. So I thought it beats the purpose of talking about it and recommend them to you when you can’t find them anywhere anymore. So I am sticking to products you can still get online or in your local shops.

Today’s lucky thingymajig would be the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains!

I have 4 of them with me. I believe they have 12 colors altogether but they don’t sell all in Brunei, God knows why.

So here they are..


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains


From L to R: 015 Cherish, 045 Romantic, 025 Sweetheart, 050 Precious


From L to R: 050 Precious, 025 Sweetheart, 045 Romantic, 015 Cherish

Revlon has come up with.. Not just a stain but a BALM stain where the color will stay on your lips at the same time it will not be drying as those traditional lip stains. These are lightweight the colors stay for hours.

The packaging is adorable, they look like chubby crayons and it is retractable so no sharpener required gals!


From top to bottom: 015 Cherish, 050 Precious, 025 Sweetheart,045 Romantic

015 Cherish: A pale pinkish mauve color.

050 Precious: A light beige that appears to be a not very flattering nude for my skin tone.

025 Sweetheart: Love this color a lot. It’s a bright fuschia pink.

045 Romantic: Another fav! A very rich bright red.

I would totally recommend these. Now you don’t need to wear a lip balm first hand before wearing your lipstick. Praise Revlon for coming up with this genius products! The colors are mostly pigmented, some may fall on the sheer side like Precious. But then again, they are FANTABULOUS!

So if you haven’t tried this out, please do. And if you have, tell me what are your thoughts!

Have a good day ladies!



First Day of Ed Makeup Look



Just a quick short post. This is my first day of Hari Raya make up look.


Benefit Porefessional Primer
Boiing Concealer Shade 2
Benefit High Beam
Mac MSF Medium
Mac MSF Soft and Gentle
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Nars Deep Throat Blush

Mustika Ratu Brow Pencil in Brown Black

Mac Painterly Paintpot
Mac Nautical Navy Eyeshadow
Mac Barefoot Eyeshadow
Mac Naked Lunch Eyeshadow
Mac Brule Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Goddess Eyeshadow
Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner
Maybelline Hypersharp liner
Maybelline Volum Express Mascara

Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge in Shade 2
Dior Addict Lipstick in 578

Selamat Hari Raya to you all who’s celebrating it! Mwah!


Updated Make Up Collection Part 2


Hi Again!

Without further ado, lets get on to more pictures. Here’s part two of my make up collection.



Same drawers as in the last post BUT i spray painted the knobs too to match my pen holders. The two good looking white baskets on top is where i have all of my nail polishes ranging from OPI to Revlon to Etude to Faceshop and not forgetting Manicare.


First two drawers on the left is where i have all of my back ups and on the right side i have all my gel liners, cream shadows, and all bare minerals products.


Second drawer, i have all my face stuff. Concealers and powders  mostly.


Nexr drawer, i have MAC blushes, MAC hey sailor blushes that i will never throw away the boxes cause i love them so much, Anna Sui’s blushes, NYX, Too faced and all my lip and cheek stains from Benefit, theBalm and Etude.


Next, here i have NYX and Etudes  single shadows, Naked palette 1 & 2, palettes from theBalm and Estee Lauder’s palettes.


Next drawer contains all of my mani pedi supply.


On the second set of drawer on the right, first drawer ive all my mascaras, eyelash curlers, liquid and powdered liners and some lip liners.


This is one of my fav drawer! Ive all my high end blushes here. Benefit Box o Powders, MAC’s, Chanel’s and etc.


This is my second fav, Ive all my MAC eyeshadows here, old and new unopened ones. And a few Urban Decay single shadows.


Next drawer is where i put my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette, the 3 Sigma bare dare and flare palettes and some other random stuff.


On the left are all sample sized products and free stuff that ive yet to use. and on the right are all fake lashes!

So that is all for my updated make up collection. Hope you find it interesting to look/read. I hope you can find some useful ideas from the pictures.


Until then, see you next time ladies! Mwah!


xx, missilovemakeup

Updated Make Up Collection Part 1


Hi All!


It feels so good to be back. It’s the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and im all alone. My family decided to head to bed early and my boyfriend’s at his uncle’s, so instead of lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling, might as well do a blog post.

So tonight, i feel like doing an updated make up collection. Id add some storage tips if i can remember to talk about them. Please remember that i am not bragging in anyway, i enjoy collecting make up. Most of them are from my own money, and if not, they’re all gifts from family and friends.
Lets get on to pictures!


This is how my make up set up look like, same ol’ same ol’.


This is the pink cupboard that i showed in my past post. I may have changed some stuff abit.


On the top of the cupboard, i got a vintage tray thing that i place all my perfumes.


Under the perfumes, ive got 2 separate clear containers where i put all my lotions, body butters, Vaseline, body mist and make up cleansers.


On the next cupboard, on top, that’s where i place all my clean brushes, two antique containers to put my most used earrings and watch.


Under the brushes, theres two more clear containers where i have all my big coastal scents, NYX and manly palette inside. The other container contains all my bb creams, foundations and primers.


Here’s an overview of whats on my make up vanity.


These are two pen holders that i spray painted pink and glued huge flowers on to make them look nicer. Inside one of them, i have all my eyeliners from various brands and milk jumbo pencils. In the other, i have all mu Urban Decay primer potions in different shades and Too Faced Glitter Glue.


Here i have my most used brushes.Most of them are from Sigma and MAC


Next, here is where i have all my new palettes that i need to try/use. I just place them in letter holders. They fit there perfectly. Oh and at the back is my trusty ol mirror that i adore.


Here’s the palettes that I need to try out. Just incase you cant see them in the previous photo.


On the top shelf is where i have perfume sets that i got as gifts, boxes of hairbands and things like that. The shelf at the bottom is where I have all my lip stuff. All from lipsticks to lip balms to lip glosses!


In this acrylic lipstick holder, i have all my NYX round lipsticks, a mirror from Holika Holika and burts bees lipbalms in a tin can.


Next, in this picture, ive got two sizes of acrylic lipstick holders, the tall one at the back holds all my MAC lipsticks and the three smaller ones in front are all my other lipsticks from various brands.


And here is where i have all my lip glosses. The two smaller glasses are actually candle holders that im already done with so that’s a nice tip if you want something fancy yet budget-able.

So that’s all for part 1, I’ll be back with part 2.




Cheap Fake Lashes!


Hey loves!

I was gonna go to bed but I decided to do one blog post before I head to dreamland.

And no, this isn’t TheBalm Cosmetics part 2 yet, as you can see by the title above, it’s gonna be a short random post about fake lashes.

For you my bruneian gals, you must have seen people selling fake lashes here that costs $4 each pair right? You know the ones that’s in this kind of boxes.


Not the exact same box though but you get it. It’s so expensive here, whats more is they sell them individually (one pair). But when I saw this in Miri, I had to ask the salesgirl if RM 15.90 was for each pair or one box, and when she said the whole box retails for that price I immediately grabbed one for myself.


10 pairs of lashes for RM 15.90, I cannot pass that up.

They’re good quality lashes and they do look natural on but they dont come with a lash glue, which isnt a problem for me cause I prefer using my own anyway.

So if you do see this around Miri or wherever, dont forget to grab one or two, you’ll always need fake lashes for god knows what.

Until then, I’ll talk to you all next time. Take care!


Collective Haul! Again!


Hi lovelies!

It has been a while since Ive blogged. Sorry about that! I was busy with Hari Raya this past few weeks. Planned to write something here earlier today but uploading the pictures to the gallery was a pain! So.. This explains why I’m writing to you at this hour (it’s almost midnight fyi).

Lets just get on with it. I got a couple of things from NYX & Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals. I’m addicted to Bare Minerals lately. Initially, I was interested in their Buxom lipglosses set but they’re really pricey, instead I got their products in sets (which are waaaay more expensive! haha)

Sorry! My lighting is really bad. Everything looks grey here. Haha!

I got 3 NYX round lipsticks! Love these lipsticks. They’re opaque, creamy and glide on so smoothly on the lips.



As you all already know that NYX’s lipsticks are AWESOME!I’m very happy with the colors I got.
Next thing that I got was the Bare Minerals Face Fashion.

This set contains 5 awesome products as you can see!

On the flap here they show how you how to create this look shown above with this set



And lastly, this mini sized Buxom lipgloss in “BUNNY” is included in the set.

Next thing I got was the Bare Minerals’ All Over Face Color set. Yes, it comes with the bag too 🙂

This includes “Clear Radiance”, “True”, “Glee”, “Warmth” & a tapered blush brush. Pretty cool huh?

Next is..


This set has a pretty turquoise clutch, a lip gloss, a blush, two eye shadows & a shadow liner

lip gloss in “SUGAR COOKIE”

L to R: “Morning” (blush), “Exquisite” (eye shadow), ” Cleopatra” (eye shadow) & “Dare” (liner shadow)

And the last but not least is..


24 colors of eye shadows! and a mirror on the next “page”

Andddd! When you flip it to the next “page”, there are..

You will get two lip glosses, three bronzers, two blushes and one highlighter. Oh! And dont forget there is another mirror on the left “page” as well! Awesome kit! I love this!!

Now, that is all for my haul. Some things I’ve tried and some things I haven’t so thats why I cant review them now, but I will slowly do a review on each product and tell you guys how I like it. So far, the ones I’ve tried like the bronzer in the NYX’s Haute Jersey kit, i love! Will update you guys shortly.

Until then, talk to you all soon!