TheBalm Cosmetics Part 2


Heya everyone!

How are you all today? Now its time for the post that I’ve been promising to update which you can already see by the title, TheBalm Cosmetics Part 2. Lets get into it!

TheBalm Goodies


As you can see here, first we have the Balm Shelter. Balm Shelter is a tinted moisturizer. And as you all know, most tinted moisturizer would give light to medium coverage, enough to blend out our skin tones and hide blemishes.


I got the shade in Medium, its a tar bit dark for my NW20 skin tone but I don’t mind it at all.


It comes in a tube so you squeeze the product out. I like that.

The downside of this product is that it doesn’t have a lot of shade range. They only have 3, which is light, light/medium and medium. But then again, it does what its supposed to do so i love this.


Meet Matte

Meet Matte
So this is how they look like on their pans

Now all these shadows are matte. But some, for me, are more of a satin finish. I like how its more of a satin finish because it is easier to work with than matte shadows.

Overall, good eye shadows. If you’re tired of your shimmery, glittery shadows and you don’t wanna look so over the top then this is for you. Personally, i love matte eye shadows. It’s good for an everyday look, especially for work or school, you just cant go wrong with this.


And the last but not least is..

Nudetude Palette

Nudetude Palette – Naughty Version

I know they have a “Nice” Version of this palette. The only difference is the packaging, but all the shadows are 100% the same. I personally love the naughty version cause its just too damn adorable! I love it!

But here’s a picture that I got off Google, for you to see the comparison.


Lets look at the swatches,

20120317<br />


As you can see, this has a better selection of mix finishes. So if you’re traveling and you don’t wanna bring so much make up with you then you cant go wrong with this. This has better selections than Meet Matte. You can do a day and night look with this. I really recommend this if you’re on a budget and you just want to get either one.

And also, both palettes come with small brushes as you can see by the photos. I don’t like brushes that comes with the palettes. I cant work with them cause they’re just too stiff. But I don’t mind that at all, cause for me, the products that matters.

So overall, I love everything that I bought from TheBalm Cosmetics. They are comparable with MAC, Benefit or even Urban Decay eye shadows. Again, I’ll say this, TheBalm Cosmetics don’t get the hype that they deserve. Try them out and you’ll not regret.

So until next time!



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  1. hi! how much does the meet matte eyeshadow palette costs? i’m planning to go down to Sasa to get it. ur review helps alot! hehe thanks for sharing..

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