Cheap Fake Lashes!


Hey loves!

I was gonna go to bed but I decided to do one blog post before I head to dreamland.

And no, this isn’t TheBalm Cosmetics part 2 yet, as you can see by the title above, it’s gonna be a short random post about fake lashes.

For you my bruneian gals, you must have seen people selling fake lashes here that costs $4 each pair right? You know the ones that’s in this kind of boxes.


Not the exact same box though but you get it. It’s so expensive here, whats more is they sell them individually (one pair). But when I saw this in Miri, I had to ask the salesgirl if RM 15.90 was for each pair or one box, and when she said the whole box retails for that price I immediately grabbed one for myself.


10 pairs of lashes for RM 15.90, I cannot pass that up.

They’re good quality lashes and they do look natural on but they dont come with a lash glue, which isnt a problem for me cause I prefer using my own anyway.

So if you do see this around Miri or wherever, dont forget to grab one or two, you’ll always need fake lashes for god knows what.

Until then, I’ll talk to you all next time. Take care!



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