Benefit Bad Gal Eye Pencil


Hey yall!

I know I said I was gonna do The Balm Cosmetics part 2 tonight but I decided to blog about something really short just cause I haven’t taken pictures of the other The Balm products. My bad!

But anyways, I did get an eyeliner from Benefit and its the infamous Bad Gal smoldering black eye pencil. Ive seen this product a couple of times and I didn’t really feel like I needed another black pencil liner especially when it’s pricey. But that day, I felt like I needed a pencil eyeliner cause I was running out of my Urban Decay Zero. So here its..

Bad Gal Eye Pencil

Bad Gal Eye Pencil

And it looks like an ordinary pencil liner only bulkier

And a swatch of it:

Bad Gal Eye Pencil

It is not the blackest black, it isnt as black as Urban Decay’s Zero but I absolutely love it. It stays on my waterline. Initially I was worried about the size, since its bigger than an ordinary pencil I thought it would be harder to apply with it but nah, no problemo. This doesn’t claim to be waterproof but its okay for me, it does stay for hours so I’m good with that. Anddd the most part is that it is also easy to blend this if you wanna smoke out the look.

So thumbs up for Benefit. Again Benefit, you never disappoint me. So girls, if you’re looking for more than just your average drugstore liners, check this out! You wont be disapointed.


Price: BND 44.90

Available at Shop@Sarah, Kiulap





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