Swatches For NYX’s Haute Jersey Leopard Couture


Good morning ladies!

I wasn’t supposed to wake up this early in the morning but under a few annoying reasons, I did! Anyways, I decided to do swatches for the NYX’s Haute Jersey Leopard Couture for you girls. I went online the other day and not many did blog swatches for this product, just a few videos from Youtube so I thought I would go ahead and do one for you all.


On the first “page”, you have 24 eye shadows.

First Row:

Second Row:

Third Row:

Fourth Row:

Fifth Row:

Last Row:

Now swatches for the other “page”


BRONZERSThe furthest left being the top in the bronzer section

p/s: I love the last shade, the best of all three colors. I contour with this color.

L to R: pink blush, coral blush and the highlighter

And last but not least, the swatch for the mini lip glosses..

Pink lip gloss and a Coral lip gloss

The lip glosses are the bomb too! I wish they came in bigger tubes. These lip glosses have the same quality as the full sized ones. And you know I love them NYX lip glosses! đŸ˜‰

So that is all, I hope this was helpful for you guys. Sorry if the swatches were a bit blurry, I used my phone to take the shots cause my camera was dead. So yeah, talk to you all again later.




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