Maybelline’s Hyper Sharp Liner – THE BEST!


Hi girls!

Sorry haven’t been posting anything here, I’ve been busy for these past few days. But anyways, tonight I will be talking about my HG liquid eye liner and it’s the Maybelline’s Hyper Sharp Liner! I love love love this eyeliner so much that I had to get a couple more just incase Maybelline decides to discontinue this. Haha!

I went to a few different stores searching for this eyeliner and it’s sold out everywhere! Finally, when I went to Guardian, Kiulap, they had about 5 liners left, I just had to get  two more of these!

I used to not like liquid eyeliners. Ive tried drugstores brand (including other Maybelline’s liquid liners) to The Body Shop to Face Shop to MAC and none of their  liquid liners were good, at least for me. They just weren’t black enough and if so, they smudge like crazy though they say it’s smudge proof. Somehow it’s just hard to put liquid liner on my lids. I’ve got monolid on my right eye and a normal lid on the left, so.. yeah. Weird! I knoww!

But Maybelline’s Hyper Sharp Liner is the best! Its smudge proof, water proof, its very very black and i love it!

The applicator is more of a felt tip marker and it claims to be 0.05mm in size. I don’t care for the size and whatnot, what’s most important is how easy the application is and the staying power is amazing!

Now for the swatch..

So, if you see this eyeliner around, GRAB IT! DO NOT THINK TWICE, JUST BUY IT! I actually bought this liner for the sake of getting something that day (yes i do have those moments when I just feel the NEED to buy something), and i do not regret buying this at all! Hope this was helpful to you guys! Thank you 🙂




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  1. Gonna get that soon! thank God you did a review on this eyeliner cause my only eyeliner at the moment is the one from Clinique, its long lasting but quite messy. :/ been eyeing for this!

  2. Yes. I am monolid person too. I’ve tried hundreds of eye liner from cheap to very expensive. None of them are good to me. Always get smudge.

    After reading your review, I would definetly buy this eye liner.

  3. Hi! Why does the hypersharp Liner seems darker than mine?! When i applied it on my face to see,it seems so light! I was kinda sad though. I just bought it at one of the watsons store.

    • Hi! Sorry for the delay 🙂

      All of the hypersharp liners I bought are okay. They are as dark as in the picture. Have you tried shaking them? Or maybe you just got a bad one? But I can assure you it is supposed to be dark.

  4. Absolutely the BEST liner I’ve ever used.

    What country are you from where you get this eyeliner? Because I can only find it in Japan. xD

  5. Absolutely the BEST liner I’ve ever used.

    What country are you from where you get this eyeliner? Because I can only find it in Japan. xD

    (Please respond to this one so I get the notification that you responded, thank you! n_n)

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