What I Used My Clear Cases For


Hello girlies!


Such a lovely today. Its the first day of Ramadhan in Brunei. In normal days, I’d go find myself something to eat but since I’m fasting, I decided to do a post on what I store in my clear cases.

If you’ve read my recent haul post, I did get myself clear cases, and initially I didn’t know what to use them for. So i looked around my room and saw all my earrings were you know.. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy with how I stored it before. And I took a pair of scissors, my anti-slip mat that I just got in my recent haul as well and the clear cases. (My dearest boyfriend did get back to Huaho Yayasan and got me some more of the cases just cause I couldn’t store all my earrings last time. Thank you boyfriend :))


Now on for the pictures..

I love how I can see all my earrings in this case. It’s nice that it’s clear and also, it looks very clean (that sounds weird). And see how you can stack them up on each other,you can totally be organized as well as saving space!

So this is a top view on how I store my actual earrings. I just place them randomly as long as they’re all laid out so it’s easier for me to see.

I also cut the anti slip mats to the correct size of the tray and use it just so that my earrings would stay in place!


Now that is all. I hope this was helpful to you guys. Until then, i will talk to you all soon! Thank you for reading!






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