My Small Random Haul


Hello my readers!

Today i went shopping with my parents and the boyfriend. As my mom was doing her groceries shopping, i went to this section of the store where they have a lot of organizing stuff. Theyve got plastic to acrylic drawers, a whole range of colors and sizes. What caught my eyes were these cool clear cases that they have. And theyve got different sizes and different depths as well.


Here are the clear cases; different sizes and depths. Im not sure what i like to store in them yet. We’ll see.

And… I also went to The Faceshop. At first, i was determined not to buy any make up items, i was just gonna go in the store, get myself some cotton pads and go home, but as i was walking out, i saw they had new arrivals in the nail section. I was really drawn to the pretty bottles and as i look closely, Faceshop now has the “Crack Collection” which is quite similar to OPI’s shatters. For now, Faceshop has only 3 colors; black, grey and brown. I bought the other two colors except black just cause i do have it in OPI. This retails for BND 12.90 each, which is waaaay cheaper than OPI. I had a 30% off coupon and altogether my purchase was only BND24 along with the cotton pads. Not bad. Im really excited to use these. They do look nice. I hope its better than OPI’s shatters, i do have issues with those polishes.



So that is all for my small random haul. I didnt get that much stuff. But i will show you how i use the clear cases, incase you all are interested.

Until then, i will talk to you all again soon.



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