How I Store My Cuticle Remover


Hi all!

I used to do my nails professionally probably.. Sayyy twice a week? And I spend roughly about $40 for my manicure and pedicure per session. Now that’s a lot of money right?

Then I thought to myself, why don’t I learn how to do my nails, that way, I can save up my money to spend on better things (like make up). So I went to a local Filipino store that sells all this cheap manicure stuff. And I got all of my mani pedi tools there for less than $40. Now that is an investment!

Two of the things that I got were the cuticle removers. I bought both in white and pink. Don’t ask why. I just like things to come in pairs. Anyway, they come in this medium sized bottle for a cheap price, now that is not the problem, but the problem is that they come in bottles like this. (See thumbnail below)


These bottles have no spray tool or anything like that so it makes it hard to apply to the nails. I used to store them in an empty nail polish bottle, which is a pain to refill. And it just wasn’t easy. I remember that I needed to keep on applying the remover with the brush over and over again. It applies a little with the brush. So it dries up fast.

One day, I was out of my cuticle remover so I borrowed my mom’s. And I saw her storing her’s in this cute little spray bottle and I thought, wow, that is super neat. I gotta go buy myself one of those! And I did. And obviously, I didn’t just buy one. I got 4 of them, just in case they don’t sell these again. You never know.

Now this is how they look like in the cute little bottles. Oh! And did I say that they were cheap too? They cost about 80c or something. I can’t remember.



Cute aren’t they? And now I can apply my cuticle remover easily with just a spray!

I also got different sizes of plastic jars, stackable ones too. Just in case, if I ever need them, I won’t need to search high and low for them.


That is all. I hope you all enjoy and I hope this was helpful to you guys πŸ™‚



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