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My Small Random Haul


Hello my readers!

Today i went shopping with my parents and the boyfriend. As my mom was doing her groceries shopping, i went to this section of the store where they have a lot of organizing stuff. Theyve got plastic to acrylic drawers, a whole range of colors and sizes. What caught my eyes were these cool clear cases that they have. And theyve got different sizes and different depths as well.


Here are the clear cases; different sizes and depths. Im not sure what i like to store in them yet. We’ll see.

And… I also went to The Faceshop. At first, i was determined not to buy any make up items, i was just gonna go in the store, get myself some cotton pads and go home, but as i was walking out, i saw they had new arrivals in the nail section. I was really drawn to the pretty bottles and as i look closely, Faceshop now has the “Crack Collection” which is quite similar to OPI’s shatters. For now, Faceshop has only 3 colors; black, grey and brown. I bought the other two colors except black just cause i do have it in OPI. This retails for BND 12.90 each, which is waaaay cheaper than OPI. I had a 30% off coupon and altogether my purchase was only BND24 along with the cotton pads. Not bad. Im really excited to use these. They do look nice. I hope its better than OPI’s shatters, i do have issues with those polishes.



So that is all for my small random haul. I didnt get that much stuff. But i will show you how i use the clear cases, incase you all are interested.

Until then, i will talk to you all again soon.



How I Store My Cuticle Remover


Hi all!

I used to do my nails professionally probably.. Sayyy twice a week? And I spend roughly about $40 for my manicure and pedicure per session. Now that’s a lot of money right?

Then I thought to myself, why don’t I learn how to do my nails, that way, I can save up my money to spend on better things (like make up). So I went to a local Filipino store that sells all this cheap manicure stuff. And I got all of my mani pedi tools there for less than $40. Now that is an investment!

Two of the things that I got were the cuticle removers. I bought both in white and pink. Don’t ask why. I just like things to come in pairs. Anyway, they come in this medium sized bottle for a cheap price, now that is not the problem, but the problem is that they come in bottles like this. (See thumbnail below)


These bottles have no spray tool or anything like that so it makes it hard to apply to the nails. I used to store them in an empty nail polish bottle, which is a pain to refill. And it just wasn’t easy. I remember that I needed to keep on applying the remover with the brush over and over again. It applies a little with the brush. So it dries up fast.

One day, I was out of my cuticle remover so I borrowed my mom’s. And I saw her storing her’s in this cute little spray bottle and I thought, wow, that is super neat. I gotta go buy myself one of those! And I did. And obviously, I didn’t just buy one. I got 4 of them, just in case they don’t sell these again. You never know.

Now this is how they look like in the cute little bottles. Oh! And did I say that they were cheap too? They cost about 80c or something. I can’t remember.



Cute aren’t they? And now I can apply my cuticle remover easily with just a spray!

I also got different sizes of plastic jars, stackable ones too. Just in case, if I ever need them, I won’t need to search high and low for them.


That is all. I hope you all enjoy and I hope this was helpful to you guys 🙂




Hi girls!

Today i will be showing you my collective haul. These are the things that ive collected over the last two weeks and ive been saving these just to show you what they look like in their boxes and stuff. Okay, so this is an overview of everything that i got.

Ive got things from very high end brands to some low ends. Oh and just a disclaimer, i got ALL of this stuff with my own money. Okay?

Now, the first thing that i would like to show you is from The Body Shop. And it’s the CAMOMILE WATERPROOF EYE MAKE UP REMOVER. It says here that its gentle, effective cleansing lotion with soothing camomile. And this is for all skin types. Usually ill just use baby’s oil to remove my make up, but then again, i would like to try this out and see if it is really gentle and effective; also if it does remove waterproof make up.

Next, is the LOREAL’S CURL-FIXING VOLUME MASCARA – CURL IMPACT COLLAGENE, ive tried this a couple of times and this does not work for me. How i really want to love this. It is quite expensive for a drugstore make up though. It says here that it will give volume and holds up your curl and it DOES NOT do what it says! So yes, i am very dissapointed with this product. I do not recommend this. Sorry Loreal!



This is how the wand looks like. It looks promising at first but nyeh!

Now, for the high end products.

Here’s what i got from the DIOR Counter. I really like Dior lipsticks and lipglosses. Just cause they are very good quality make up. I have tried DIOR lipsticks and lipglosses before and i really like their texture. They do last long on my lips.


L To R: Dior Addict Ultra – Gloss Flash in 557 EMPIRE PINK, Dior Addict Lipstick in 578 DIORKISS & Rouge Dior in 351 ELEGANT PINK


From L to R: Dior Addict Lipstick in 578 DIORKISS & Rouge Dior in 351 ELEGANT PINK


Swatches of (L to R): Dior Addict Ultra – Gloss Flash in 557 EMPIRE PINK, Dior Addict Lipstick in 578 DIORKISS & Rouge Dior in 351 ELEGANT PINK

The things i got from the Chanel counter. I didnt get many things just cause they were pricey. I only managed to get two wonderful items. They are the ROUGE COCO SHINE HYDRATING SHEER LIPSTICK IN 50 RIVAGE & JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH IN 99 ROSE PETALE.  This is my very first Chanel purchase and i am very happy with them! Definitely definitely will buy more when i have the chance!


Just look at the packaging! Giving 10 stars for the beautiful, sophisticated packaing!!!


The blush came with a little pouch. Isnt that super cool???!


I know this is not a good swatch. Im so sorry. I didnt know what happened. From L to R: ROUGE COCO SHINE HYDRATING SHEER LIPSTICK IN 50 RIVAGE & JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH IN 99 ROSE PETALE

From Estee Lauder i only got their Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in VENETIAN ROSE. The eye shadow duo that you see on the left is a freebie that i got for buying a couple of other Estee Lauder items for my mommy.


This is what they look like upclose 🙂




That was all for my high end make up haul. Next is..

The Holika Holika’s AQUA MUSE WATERY GLOSS. Theyve got a couple of different shades from pinks to corals and to reds. But i find this very unique. And i dont have anything thats like this before. What it is its just a clear lipgloss. It can add shine to whatever lipstick that you choose to wear 🙂 Cool huh?


This is in the number 401


Freebies i got from Holika Holika as well..


Pomegranate Essence Mask Sheet, All That BB Cream, Bably Bloom Moisture BB Cream, A red rose mirror, Honey Sleeping Pack and a cool feather pen!

That is all for my collective haul post. I hope my swatches were helpful and you enjoy reading my post. Talk to you all again very soon!



Blushes that I absolutely love!


Hello girls!

Now its time to share my favorite blushes! Ive got six blushes to show you. Mostly they are all in pinks and corals just cause those two kinds of shades suit me well.


My favorite blushes are mainly from Benefit and MAC.

From MAC Cosmetics, i present to you..


From Top to Bottom: BLUSH BABY, DAME, WELL DRESSED20110715-055514.jpg

This is what they look like in the pots. They look kinda the same here but i promise you they’re not.

Now onto the swatches..



Now, for the Benefit Box O’ Powders..


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Hello girls!

Today, ive decided to show you my 10 favorite lipsticks. Ive got five from drugstore brands and the other five are from MAC.

So lets get onto it. Here’s how they look like in their tubes..


Here are the swatches..


From L to R: Skin Food’s Candy Moist Rouge in 602, Faceshop’s All About Lipstick in PK101, Revlon’s MATTE Lipstick in 003 Mauve It Over, Revlon’s MATTE Lipstick in 002 Pink Pout, Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in 415 Pink In The Afternoon, MAC’s Please Me, MAC’s Blankety, MAC’s Angel, MAC’s Lovelorn, MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga I

Skin Food’s Candy Moist Rouge in 602: A coral color that sort of has a cremesheen feel to it. Its very moisturizing, glides on smoothly. I dont need to put on lipgloss on top cause it has already that glossy finish.

Faceshop’s All About Lipstick in PK101: A deep barbie pink thats not too pink that can wash out my NW25 face. Its semi matte, so its best to put on a good lip balm before hand. I love to pair this with Benefit’s lipgloss in “Kiss You”.

Revlon’s Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over: Ive always thought that “mauve” would look like a deep pinkish purple. But this looks like a deep nude natural color on my lips. Its matte so moisturizing the lips before hand is a must and i usually pair this with MAC’s lipglass in”Pretty Quick” (Limited Edition)

Revlon’s Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout: Now this leans more towards the lavender tones. A pretty baby pinkish lavender color. Its matte, moisturize before use. Love pairing this with the C.O Bigelow’s Sheer Lip Tint in No. 602 “Just Blushed”

Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in The Afternoon: If you’ve read my previous post, you all know that this is my all time favorite lipstick! The only lipstick that ive ever finished and repurchased and will always be repurchasing. Its a nice creamy pink with a hint of coral undertones in it. I love love love this lipstick. It just suits well with my skin tone. Its not drying and it is long lasting. I highly recommend this.

MAC’s Please Me: Its a matte finish. Quite similar to Faceshop’s All About Lipstick in PK101. But this has more pigmentation to it. Lasts longer on the lips than the Faceshop’s PK101.

MAC’s Blankety: Its an amplified finish. The perfect nude for me. Looks amazing with whatever smokey eyes im doing. It’s nude with pink undertones to it. It’s not a nude color that makes me look sick, its a nude color but can still bring the look put together.

MAC’s Angel: Its a frost finish. A perfect baby pink lipstick. No lavender tones to it. Just pinks, and thats why i love it. This does not wash me out like some baby pinks do.

MAC’s Lovelorn: Its a lustre finish. A mauvy, pink lipstick thats amazing for night time. Just cause, i think, the color makes whatever look you wear elegant. (if that makes sense to you)

MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga I: Its a lustre finish. This is quite similar to Revlon’s Pink Pout. Only this is not drying. Its sheerer than Pink Pout but buildable.

That is all. Hope you all enjoy. Now tell me, what are your favourite lipsticks?



elf – Luscious Liquid Lipstick


Hi again loves!

I decided to write a post regarding elf’s Luscious Liquid Lipsticks that i recently purchased. I got them in “Baby Lips” and “Perfect Pink”. And so far, i can really say that i love these lipsticks! Its like a lipstick and a lipgloss all in one! The colors are opaque, depends on what shades you choose. I am very satisfied with this and i will be purchasing more colors from this line. Just watch me! 😉


Here are the swatches of the ones i got:

Top to Bottom: Baby Lips and Perfect Pink

It has a spongy applicator. You twist it to apply.


The texture of the lipsticks are a lil sticky but not tacky. It has the same feeling if you put gloss on top of your lipstick. It has a minty scent which i love. And they are super cheap! I totally recommend this 🙂


Etude’s Golden Ratio Face Glam – Gold & Pink


Hi lovelies!

It has been a while since I last updated anything here. Throughout the month, I’ve been getting a lot of make up items but here, I’ll be talking about Etude’s Golden Ratio Face Glam.

I got both the colors, in Gold and Pink. For those of you who are not familiar with this product, it’s a liquid highlighter and also there’s an eye brightening cream on top.



The eye brightening cream on top of the bottle

It has a small mirror which is neat.

Here are the swatches for both colors:

L to R: GOLD highlighter and GOLD eye brightening cream

L to R: PINK highlighter and PINK eye brightening cream

I find them very beautiful on. I’m not fond of the eye brightening cream though just cause it’s so hard to work with.

Both bottles have the same “spoon-like” applicator.


This product is quite similiar to Benefit’s High Beam and Posietint. So if any of you wants to find a cheaper alternative then have a go with Etude’s Golden Ratio Face Glam!

Hope you all enjoy!