My Recent Nail Polish Purchase


Hello darlings!

I know ive been MIA so im making it up to you guys now. I recently bought a couple of nail polishes from OPI and Elianto and ill show you which ones that i got so.. Lets get started!

From OPI, i got 3 out of 4 of the colors from the FEMME DE CIRQUE COLLECTION. I love this collection so much! I think, this is by far, one of the best collections that OPI has ever come up with. I love that the colors are on the neutral side. And i kinda feel like the colors in this collection are also suitable for weddings just cause they are so elegant-looking.


From L to R: In The Spot Light Pink, So Many Clowns So Little Time, Step Right Up

However, i did not get the last color that they have in this collection and thats the “I Juggle…Men” top coat. I felt like i can find an easy dupe for a sheer glittery top coat that shines blue and purple so i skipped this one. But i did get the other 3 and i LOVE them all!

IN THE SPOT LIGHT PINK:  This looks the darkest out of the 3 but is the most sheer. Its a baby pink color and it is not as milky as the other two.

SO MANY CLOWNS SO LITTLE TIME: This is a milky nude pink.

STEP RIGHT UP: This is a marshmallowy pink.

Cant say much about these colors but what i can say is that if youre looking for a clean, french manicure nail look then go for this collection. As ive said before, they look elegant on and i just love that theyre all soft nude-ish, pinkish colors. Some people say they apply streaky but i dont have that problem. I dont find them streaky at all. So thats a plus plus! Bored of your usual bright or vampy colors? Then you ought to try these out!

Next collection that i got was from The Pirates of the Carribean Collection and i only got three. The other colors that they have was also easy for me to find dupes for, infact, ive got the same colors already just from other brands.



From L to R: Steady As She Rose, Sparrow Me The Drama, Mermaid’s Tears

Steady As She Rose: This looks like a light pastelly lavender. More on the pale side. It also has a greyish blue undertone to it. Its a unique color, ive never seen anything like this before.

Sparrow Me The Drama: This is a creamy pink with sorta has a blue undertone to it. Ive no idea why but this reminds me of the first MAC GAGA lipstick.

Mermaid’s Tears: This is a minty pastelly green. I find this color is also unique.

All the colors above needs atleast a good 2 to 3 coats to look opaque and pretty. But not to worry! OPI nailpolishes dry up so quickly compared to other brands that ive tried.

Now moving on to the Elianto nailpolishes that ive got. Theyve got 20 different shades. And this line is called “Sparkling Diva Nail Color”, and yes, all of them are indeed sparkly, not glittery though, they dont have chunks of annoying glitters in them, just beautiful sparkles.

From L to R: Racing Green, Persian Indigo (it was hard for me to find the right angle to show you the true colors)

I got these two just cause they were the ones that only caught my eye. Racing Green is a sparkly deep jungle green color and Persian Indigo is a deep sparkly purple.

This is my first time purchasing nailpolishes from Elianto and i love em! The consistensy is good. Theyre opaque with just 2 coats and theyre not a pain to remove despite them being sparkly. So love love love! I might get some more of them. Maybe the color in “Flaming Pink” – its a hot bright pink with sparkles and “Salsa Pink” – its more of a maroonish red with sparkles too.

So that is all for today girls. I hope you all enjoy!



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