Two favourite drugstore lip products!


Hello lovelies!

Today im just gonna show you my all time favourite drugstore lipstick. This is my second tube and i could never, in my life finish a lipstick until i found this baby!

Presenting the awesome-est lipstick ever..

It’s the Revlon’s Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in “PINK IN THE AFTERNOON”

I LOVE THIS COLOUR! Its such a perfect rosy baby pink color for my skin tone. Im an NW20 by the way. The lipstick can be drying if you dont wear a lipbalm underneath. But overall, its inexpensive, its in their permanent line so you dont have to worry cause you can get your hands on them anytime and its just a lovely lovely lovely colour!

This is a swatch of it and how it looks like on me lips.


With this lipstick, i usually like to have a gloss over it but most of the time, i really like to show the true colour as well. So i just wear a clear gloss over the lipstick. My FAVOURITE clear gloss ever is the PALMER’S COCOA BUTTER FORMULA LIP BUTTER in “Dark Chocolate and Cherry”.


Its non sticky, smells like chocolate, it just gives that subtle shine and not “over the top!” shiny anddd most of all, its price is reasonable, and when i say reasonable, it means its cheap! Oh and one more thing, this also acts like a lipbalm. It softens and soothes your lips too. How cool is that??

So yeah. That is all! Hope you all enjoy and talk to you soon!



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