Skin 79


Hi dolls!

As you can tell by the title, tonight, ill be talking about a product that ive been curious about for the past few months, and its the Skin 79’s BB Cream.

During my lunch break today, i couldnt help myself going their counter and they had all different types of BB creams. They have VERY attractive packagings and i just love how neat and cute they are. One of the reasons why i felt like i needed to get one right away! Haha.


I got the infamous “Hot Pink BB Cream” – It is a triple function Beblesh Balm, that contains Adenosine and Arbutin. Effective in whitening, wrinkle improvement and produces brighter and more elastic skin.

Now the common question that some of you may ask is, what is BB Cream?

BB Creams which stands for Blemish Balm or for short form, also called “Beblesh Balm” is sort of like a moisturizer thats formulated to provide light cover for the face. Its somewhat acts like a foundation but this gives a very mild coverage and also acts as a sunblock cream protection, wrinkle/fine lines improvement and whitening function.

BB Creams can also be used as a make up base, before you put on any powder and etc. This replaces your face primer, foundation and your concealer (supposedly!)

Now this is how the bottle looks like.. (I got the medium sized bottle to try out and this contains 15g of product)


Im not sure about other brands but SKIN 79’s BB creams come in just one color, which is “natural” color, thats what they call it. The cream blends well with your natural skin color which i think is true.


This is how it looks like and… In the next photo shows how well it blends


It does blend well though you need to work with it a lil bit.

With BB creams, you dont need to put on a lot unless you wanna look like a clown. You need just a tiny amount and spread them evenly on your face by doing lil tapping motions. Let it sit for a few seconds and then apply loose powder or your pressed powder or any mineralized skin finishes lightly on the face. And now youre ready to put on whatever you usually put on your face, blushers, eye make up and so on.

The trick of applying BB creams is that you should start off by applying small amount, and you can build up if you need to until a desired look is achieved (if you think you look white then that means youve used too much!)

I do recommend this product just cause its neat, easier to apply than foundation but the downside of it is that it only gives me a light coverage and for those who prefer medium to heavy coverage, this is not for you, stick with your liquid foundations! I still need to put on concealer under my eyes as my eyebags are still visible but despite all that, it is a good and easy product. Even more, these gorgeous bottles will sit BEAUTIFULLY on any dresser! Haha

Goodnight ladies! Ill talk to you soon!

Missilovemakeup.. SO BADLY.


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