My long sucky intro! Haha.


Hello ladies! Since i am absolutely in love, no wait, thats an understatement, since i’m OBSESSED with make up and anything related to beauty and fashion, i decided to make a blog eventhough i suck at writing. So dont mind the way i write, sometimes i ramble too much.

I’ve been buying a lot of beauty products lately, and ive been testing out new things, i thought, why not i talk about them and review them here, right?

Now.. Before i get started, id like to share with you lovelies, on how and when i started collecting make up. About 5 years ago, i wasnt into make up at all. But my mom has a large collection of lipsticks and eyeshadows, and i used to love playing with them. And thats where it all started.

I started getting my own “Wet and Wild” eyeshadow duos and i got a couple of blushes as well, a few lipglosses too. And started trying them out everynight before bed.

Over the years, i was exposed to a wide variety of make up brands and i couldnt stop buying them, plus im a sucker for nice packagings so then i realized that ive become a make up addict. I LITERALLY CANT STOP BUYING MAKE UP!

Everyday, after school, before bed, i watch 101s on how to do different looks and what not. And until this day, ive accumulated a lot of make up.

That is why, in here, instead of keeping my thoughts to myself, why not i share with the people who appreciate make up like me right? I will be reviewing make up products from drugstore brands to high ends, and tell you guys why i love or dislike them and where to get them. I will also be showing you swatches of products so you guys can see. I cant wait to talk about something because i get all happy and high when talking about make up! Ahhhh pathetic, i know.

Until then, talk to you guys soon!



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